Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow

Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow
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Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow

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Nurture the baby in the lap of luxury with a versatile, v-shaped maternity pillow from Luna Lullaby!

The maternity pillow helps moms-to-be get some sleep and helps new moms handle and hold baby (or twins!) and properly position for breastfeeding. The comfy, cozy pillow is perfect for supporting an older baby too.

Winner of the iParenting Media Award, this soft, luxurious pillow fits around women of any size and the cover is removable and machine washable.

A beautiful way to bond!

A Review: I recently walked into my neighbor's apartment, intending to ask her to test out the Bosom Baby Pillow from Luna Lullaby with her newborn - I had just been sent one for review. I was absolutely delighted to see she had already ordered it herself and was using it when I came over! Her baby was nursing on it so contentedly and looked so comfortable. My neighbor said it was one of the best pillows that she had (and she has several). She had also recently had a c-section and said it was very comfortable for her, too. I plan on using this with my newborn, who will be here soon and I'm currently using the pillow to help sleep at night. It fit me perfectly in the nursing position (even in my huge pregnant state) and the V-shape was great for supporting my neighbor's newborn perfectly.

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